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Reeves, Inc. of Louisiana has its roots in the multiwall bag industry stretching back over 50 years. Don Reeves (President) started out in packaging with St. Regis Paper Company in 1958. The knowledge and expertise he gathered over the years in the areas of packaging, coated paper, and adhesives provide the foundation for our current operations.

Today, Reeves, Inc. has branched out into other packaging industries (flexible, fibre drum, food wrap, etc.). We also are active in construction applications (insulation, polystyrene, garage door, underlayment for floors and roofing, etc.). In addition, we can help our customers with their needs in adhesives (hot melt, PVA, pressure-sensitive, etc.). Requests from our customer/partners have led to our involvement in providing everything from cores to crepe and from film to fibre drums.

Our customer relationships have stretched from Canada to Brazil as we have grown. We enjoy the fact that our customers find that we are the "go-to" guys for any questions they have. If we don't know, we will go find out!

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